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No matter where you are in your weaving journey – whether you are just starting or you’ve been weaving for several years – Weave’s mission is to support you and inspire others to join you.

Start by subscribing to the Weave Newsletter

Every week, we feature stories from weavers from across the country, resources to fuel your weaving, coverage of weavers in the news, events, and reflections from many perspectives on what it means to invest in relationships and weave a strong, inclusive social fabric from the ground up. The newsletter is a resource for every weaver.

Join the Online Weave Community

The Online Weave Community is where weavers gather for peer support, learning, and collaboration. You can engage with weavers from across the nation to find inspiration and resources to fuel your work. There are over 1,300 weavers in the Community, representing every state in the US. The Online Weave Community also has groups that meet in person or by topic. Weavers are creating new groups regularly.

Develop your skills at the Weave Learning Center

Weave created the Learning Center to help you strengthen your skills from public speaking to community asset mapping, from grant writing to facilitating gatherings. The courses are selected based on weavers’ requests and needs, are self-paced for convenience, and the curriculum is designed by experts with field experience. Whether you are just starting and want to learn how to have more meaningful conversations with your neighbors, or already have a project and want to propel it with new grants, there is something for you at the Learning Center.

Find weaving opportunities or volunteers through the Weaver Network

In partnership with Points of Light Foundation, Weave created a search engine to find weaving opportunities where you live. The database includes thousands of opportunities all over the US that are mainly in person (local), encourage you to build bonds with others (relational), recognize that everyone has something to offer (mutual), and welcome all types of people (inclusive). If you already have an organization, you can register it here to help you find neighbors to join in your weaving efforts.

Bring the Weaver Awards to your community

The Weaver Awards are designed to remove the barriers to funding faced by many people bringing their neighborhoods together. Communities invite Weave in, and we work with them to find a local sponsor for the Awards. The community then takes ownership of the process and select their own Awardees. Any adult from the community can apply for the Award and they don’t need to have a nonprofit status to participate. Awardees get a cash award and access support, resources, and skills training at a dedicated online group in Weave Community.

Bring a Weave Speaker to your community

Weave created the Speakers Bureau to highlight weavers who are healing divides in their communities from the ground up. Weave Speakers come from many walks of life and share their stories to inspire others to shift our culture and create belonging and connection across differences. There are currently 30 speakers in the Speakers Bureau and more are selected every year.

Show that you are weaver

Many weavers are quietly building connections with neighbors, putting relations at the center of their lives. To help them start conversations about weaving and invite others to help build a nation of weavers, we created the Weave pins to wear at events or community gatherings. You can request one for yourself or to give away to others. There is no cost to them.

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