We Are Weavers

We believe relationships can transform our lives and our communities… and ultimately mend our deeply divided nation. We work in our neighborhoods and towns to create connections and lead with love. The Weave Project connects and supports us.

We can heal our isolation, change our culture, and #WeavethePeople

America feels broken. We can heal it.

35% of Americans are chronically lonely and 50% say no one knows them well. Suicide is rising. Violence, hatred and political gridlock seem normal. Weavers from across the country gathered in 2019 for the first time to face the problem together.

Weaving in 400 Seconds: April 4th at 7pm Eastern Time

We call people who build social trust in their communities “weavers.” Meet three in these lightning talks, where they tell their stories with 20 slides and just 20 seconds on each. 

  • Ashley Esposito (Baltimore, MD) started a neighborhood wellness association after she heard her neighbors didn’t feel connected or welcomed. Now they’re all coming together to solve local issues, like distributing food and water to neighbors and setting up a neighborhood compost station center.
  • Charles Perry (Chicago, IL) once changed the landscape of the community with drugs and violence. Now he is changing the community landscape with conversations and relationships. 
  • Jeudy Mom (Compton, CA) was 8 when his family fled Cambodia as refugees. The care his family received when they landed in California led him to pay it forward through a career of mobilizing neighbors to support each other in reducing homelessness, increasing safety, fighting racism, and more.

Be a Weaver. Lead with Love. Join Us.

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