The Weave Speakers Bureau

Americans have come together in tough times before and we can do it again. Our social fabric is unraveling. Distrust seems rampant. Americans are divided and unable to work together. We can heal, but change must start with us, and start where we live.

The Weave Speakers Bureau highlights people around the country who are healing divides in their communities from the ground up. They come from many walks of life and share their stories to inspire others to shift our culture and create belonging and connection across differences.

They have inspired faith, civic, and business groups to reach across social divides and weave community. They have inspired high school and college students to think not only of a career, but of building a connected life. They have inspired crowds at SXSW and the Aspen Ideas Festival to live in a more relational way as weavers. Browse their profiles. Read their stories. Then use the form to invite weavers to speak to your group, event, or community.

If outside the US, please indicate your country.

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