The pattern of senseless killings of Black Americans shows us painfully that America is not the nation we want it to be. For many, the reactions playing out across our country are born from rage over centuries of injustice. For many, America has not been a land of freedom and opportunity. It has been a land of savage inequality.

Our call for WeavingCommunity may seem naive as the country faces protests and unrest, when our institutions are failing and a pandemic is untamed. Yet our lives, our health and our freedom depend on one another—on connection and trust. It takes bravery to show up for others and stand up against racism. It takes humility to walk in the shoes of marginalized groups. It takes love to approach our differences with curiosity rather than fear. It takes grace to admit mistakes of the past that continue to plague communities of color. It takes courage to stand up to leaders who seek to divide us through the perpetuation of racism, fear and hate.

As frustration and fear ricochet in our communities, we will continue to share stories of people courageous enough to come together. We will invite you into brave conversations about what it takes to weave stronger, more connected communities. We will be honest about our differences and the strength it takes to tackle them. And we will offer ways to create a better future.

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